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Zoom Rooms MSI - AutoLaunch Zoom on Login


Hi All, 

I've had a look through the MSI documentation, and there doesn't appear to be an option listed for the ZoomRooms MSI installer that allows you to enable Auto-launching of the Zoom rooms application on sign in ( Or I've missed it, and will feel silly in a few minutes)  

I've seen the standard MSI installer DOES have ' ZoomAutoStart="True" ' as an option - however there's no indication as to whether this will work for the Rooms package. 

Can anyone shed any light?  





Hi there,


If I am reading this right you want to have your Zoom Room PC auto logon and then start Zoom automatically once it does?

If so, then you can do that. My organization has multiple Zoom Rooms that we have created groups for in Active Directory and by using a Kiosk style account we have the capability of booting a ZR PC, having it log into the desktop automatically and then, once the desktop is up and any background apps and services have loaded Zoom will start automatically as well.

Once the Room PC is up and Zoom is active our iPad controllers connect as well.

This requires a certain amount of set up on the backend which I don't do but the end result is favorable to our org. We have them set up to get updates as a part of our Monthly Windows updates and it has been great except for when a WIN update tries to load Citrix Receiver onto the PCs. 

When that happens the Citrix window will open after the PC reboots and because it requires interaction from the logged in user we have to hop on to remove it before Zoom will load.

But once we figured that our we just exclude it from our ZR PCs as they do not need it anyway.



And we do use the .msi version, otherwise the PC will not receive the updates when we kick them out. Same applies to the Zoom desktop application we have.