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Zoom Rooms Audio Disconnecting


Hello All,


Hope anyone can shed some light on our issue. We have the following set-up. 

- Mac mini (Intel) running the latest version - Monterey OS

- Shure P300IMX Processor (Connected USB)

- MXA 910 Microphone

- Shure Conference Speakers

- Zoom Rooms - latest version


Here is the issue. Zoom rooms will start up fine but anywhere between 8 and 45 minutes the audio will stop working. The computer sees the USB processor just fine, but the audio isn't working with zoom. Has anyone else seen this issue before? We thought it might be the computer, but we replaced the M1 Mac minis that were in there with Intel max and have the same issue.



I have seen a similar issue.  

The presenter's mic audio goes very choppy and fuzzy about 20 minutes into a meeting. It's repeatable on multiple Macs in different rooms.


We seem to be able to avoid it happening by enabling Original Sound with settings to have High fidelity music mode AND Echo cancellation turned on And then turn "Original sound" to On from the main Zoom screen.


We are using an external USB Audio Card with the mic plugged in to it from a pre-amp output. Tried different USB Audio cards as well.  


Doesn't seem to be a problem on Windows machines.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @treymeares, apologies for the delay with this, however, I went ahead and turned your discussion into a support ticket to further analyze and investigate the audio disconnecting. You should receive a follow up for this discussion within ticket #13937498


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