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Zoom Room mistakenly thinks 2 displays are connected


Our zoom room thinks there are 2 displays connected, but in reality there is only 1 which causes a major issue as we are unable to see participants on the other end of a meeting. This room utilizes a Poly Studio X50 to run the Zoom Rooms app and is running version 5.15.8 (3555). This just started happening once we upgraded to this version by the way. Anyone else ever see this issue and know how to resolve? Simple reboots did not help unfortunately.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Unfortunately, the Poly X-Series appliances are insanely buggy (stuck with a ton of these) and Poly engineering doesn't wish to address product-wide issues, especially when they're specific to Zoom Provider Mode (note the HP acquisition, abundance of PC+camera bundles, and lean towards MS Teams).

It's also unfortunate that Zoom hasn't taken the issues seriously and still champions Poly as a ZR certified hardware provider with no repercussions for consistently inferior hardware. 


Anyway! You can any/all of the following:

1.) In the Poly X50 UI, toggle the video output options

2.) In Zoom Admin Portal, re-configure your display layouts

3.) Switch the physical HDMI connection on your Poly X50 from 2 to 1

4.) Flip displays in ZRC


Most likely, Poly will recommend a factory reset before even investigating the issue.