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Audio issues even though tests work fine


Over the past few month audio issues have increased. In my personal meeting room, with some of my clients we can never hear each other even though if they do an audio test on their side and I on my side both audio tests work fine. 


Up to not at least it worked when me moved to another meeting room within my zoom account. However, now I have also had issues in other rooms.


This used to happen very occasionally, however, now I feel (I do not have the exact numbers) like in 2 out of 10 meetings we have sound issues.


My work and income depend on the audio working in zoom. Any ideas of what I can do to solve this issue?



PS: I am using the desktop version of zoom. I always make sure my account is updated. This issue has started occurring a few month ago, I havent had this issue during the last years and I am a frequent user of zoom. I have a pro account.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Audio issues can be very complicated. Since you have not provided details about your settings, your equipment, or even the OS being used I can only give general info.

I am an audio engineer, so if you still can not resolve your issue send me a private message so we can look at your problem together.