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Zoom Room display control

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Hi, I am looking to understand how Zoom Room on Poly Android devices can control the room display without a network connection to the display.  I think there should be a "sleep" mode.  It appears it is now called "idle time out".  What time interval settings are available?  What is present on the display HDMI output during idle.  I have looked through the Poly admin guide for this and the information is sparse and it does not address Zoom mode specifically vs another mode like Teams.  In my experience display control is a function of the partner mode not Poly, like when Zoom took away CEC control 😑.


I have read through the article below but again, the specifics are missing and it is not clear what is happening on the HDMI output and the article does not speak to whether these options are available on windows vs android.


Thank you.