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Zoom Room Phone Integration With Webex Calling/Cloud Phone (Not Zoom Phone)


Hello All. Has anyone successfully configured the Zoom Room phone integration, which can be used to join your zoom room with an on premise PBX for phone service, to Webex Calling (or any other cloud based phone service)? If so, I could use some help understanding how you configured the settings. 



Would be interested if you found a solution to your question. We are migrating from our premised based Cisco System to a Cloud PBX (Teams) and looking for a connectivity solution for our Zoom Room phone integration.

I was able to get this working today. My company is in the process of migrating from on premise cisco/call manager system to Webex Calling, their cloud phone service. I'm not sure how Microsoft does things with Teams, but when it comes to webex, I created an shared space/conference room in webex and selected to register a generic customer managed IP Phone. During the setup, I had to provide the MAC address of the "ip phone", which in this case was a crestron unit in the room. Webex outputs the sip server host name, user ID, authorization name, password, and proxy server that will be needed to register the generic device via sip to webex calling. The format in which webex outputs this information is confusing and not clear.  I had been trying to figure this out on and off for months, entering the information from webex into the zoom room phone integration fields, various ways. Unfortunately, sip registration would always fail. I only got this working today because I opened a support case with Cisco to have them tell me the correct sip registrar/registration server, user ID, authorization name, and proxy server from the information that Webex generates during device registration. Once I knew exactly what to enter for each field in the zoom room phone integration setup, sip registered immediately. Calls into the zoom room from external numbers and internal extensions went through. However, calls going out of the zoom room to internal extensions and external numbers initially failed. Rebooting the zoom room control panel resolved the issue with making external calls. There was also a minor issue with the audio not being transmitted from the zoom room to an external test call. Muting and unmuting the mic resolved that issue, some how. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hello.  I am with Cisco / Webex caling TAC. Customer open a case with us on help with setting up the zoom room device. we have the configuration info from the Control Hub and he enter it but we got no Registration, can you point me to the right information where and what need to enter?


Thank you 

In webex control hub you go to Management > Devices > Add Device > Shared Usage (select existing workspace or new workspace) > Select customer managed device > Generic IPPhone Customer Managed > Provide the MAC address of the zoom room control panel (I use a crestron control panel in my rooms) > click save. You'll be given the SIP information to make the connection. You should have the following info and this is what you put into the zoom room phone integration settings:





Thank you 


I was able to get this working today. My company is in the process of switching from an on-premises Cisco/Call Manager system to Webex Calling, a cloud phone service. I don't know how Microsoft handles Teams, but for Webex, I decided to create a shared room/conference room in Webex and register a generic his IP phone that the customer manages. During setup, I had to specify the MAC address of my "IP phone". In this case, it was her Crestron unit in the room. Webex issues the SIP server hostname, user ID, authentication name, password, and proxy server required to register a generic device over SIP in a WebEx call.