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Cisco Macro design to Slack via Room Controls Button


Ok, We are currently runnning Cisco SX80's and Room Kits on our campus. There is a "Help Button" setup on the touch panel that fires a Macro, the Macro sends an Xapi.command to Slack as a "postMessage" in a specific Slack channel. It alerts the classroom facilitators that help is needed in the room. This Macro is written in Java.  I know that the Zoom Room uses JSON as its Room Control language and I would have to rewrite the Java code to JSON.  I'm not a Programmer or Coder. My question is; Is there a way, or would it even be possible to setup a button press under the "Room Controls"  that would automatically send the same type of alert directly to Slack, or would I need to use some sort of middleman or automation to trigger that? I figure if it can send out IP commands to turn TVs and Projectors on and off, that it could handle this. Any help or ideas are appreciated. Trying to figure this out before I have to come up with some alternate solution   


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Room controls are still extremely limited (as of this post) - you'll need some piece of hardware or software in the middle (on the same subnet or local segment) that can receive TCP/IP commands from and perform the logic from there.
If you have any control processors or networked audio DSPs on the same network, these are easy to leverage for the task without additional investment (aside from time, that is).

OK, that gives me some insight. Im gonna ask a few more questions and risk sounding stupid. It's a small college campus, most rooms will switch over to the QSC Q-sys systems, so that should be easy enough to send the alert from those. But I have a handful of stand-alone rooms that I only have the Logitech Rally systems and Tap IP controllers. What kind of device or software could I add in those stand alone rooms to trigger that? Would it just be an automation software like Microsoft Flow, or something more substantial? Or what kind of hardware am I looking at? Again, out of my element here, thanks for the advice.