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Unable to find zoom recordings (saved on cloud)


I recently had a meeting and saved it on the cloud, but for some reason I am unable to find it in admin list or any paths it should have been saved. I know it was recording because i screenshot a photo of us in zoom and the recording on cloud icon is shown on the screen, all my m



were you the host of the meeting? if not then the cloud recording was saved to that zoom users account page. login to under profile/recordings

Yes, i hosted the meeting. we did check the cloud recordings list in my profile and also in the admin recording list where i can see all of my other teammates recordings too. but we were unable to find it. 😞


I decided to write here, maybe you will see my message. I didn't have a meeting scheduled today either. I'm organizing the appointment. Until today, everything was fine, but today he writes to activate cloud recording in the settings, but it is not there, only local to the computer. But there is no record on the computer either.                                                                      Решила здесь написать, может увидите и моё сообщение. У меня тоже  сегодня  не записалось  совещание. Встречу организовываю я. До   сегодняшнего дня  было всё нормально, а сегодня пишет, чтобы в настройках  активировала  облачную запись, а её там нет , только локальная на компьютер. Но и на компьютере нет записи.


For sure that was deleted by an admin or a coworker. maybe your enemies? lol. check the recording or activity history.

К моему компьютеру ни у кого нету доступа. И главное  еще и оплатить снова нужно ,хотя оплачивала в начале  этого месяца.