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Share screen audio playing from both laptop where the screen shared and Zoom Room


Hi Team,

I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this issue, but every time I share my laptop screen with video in a Zoom Room, the audio plays from both the laptop and the Zoom Room speaker where I'm sitting. It's a bit annoying, and other users have reported the same problem. Is there any way to ensure that the audio only comes from the Zoom Room speakers and not from the laptop that we're sharing the screen from?


Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

I also faced same issue recently & guess this is some bug in last firmware i upgrade!  

Seems like bug, it was working fine before but can't on which version though. 


Are you using a Zoom Room appliance?  If so, what type and what firmware version?

We are using Apple Mac Mini since this is our All-hands space. 

Zoom Ver: 5.17.0 (5140)

Mac OS 14.3

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

We are also using Apple Mac Mini M2 Pro in both locations.  


I opened a help ticket for this issue last year.  There is no work-around.  I also put in a feature request to fix it.  Kinda ridiculous if you think about it....

Hope Zoom can come with permanent fix since its causing lots of issue with events. 

Could you please link the feature request?