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Question about breakout rooms disspearing


I had an issue reported to me recently to do with a large meeting, using several breakout rooms.  Issue was reported to me after the meeting had ended. 


The users had a meeting with 40+ attendees, and several breakout rooms setup beforehand. When the meeting started they reported that the breakout rooms vanished, and had to be recreated. No users were in rooms at the time they vanished.  


Having not been there at the time I didnt get to see it myself. Is there some timeout that breakout rooms have? Has anyone seen issues with pre-configured breakout rooms vanishing?



yes, if you dont preassign when youre scheduling the meeting 

and did all the persons preassigned have a zoom account? in other words did the email address you used for the person have their email address registered with zoom?

Thanks for the reply! From my understanding the rooms had been all preassigned, in my investigation I asked about errors : "any messages when they did vanish, errors etc?" and she answered:" it just cleared, all names were removed from their assigned rooms and I had to redo it manually". Hosts were using our sso account, Of the attendees all but two were using our sso account, im not 100% on weather the two using their own gmail accounts had accounts with those addresses.