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Edit / Change an existing meeting registrant information in Zoom registration list.


Is there any way to change or edit someone's meeting registration info 'inside Zoom'?  In other words, I may have a meeting set up and well over 100 people have already registered for that meeting.  I would like to add a Breakout Room selection to each person's name [e.g. David Nelson would become 12 David Nelson], indicating that David has chosen Breakout Room 12 ahead of time, but that question wasn't included in the original registration form.


Is there any way to go into Meeting / Registrations and change Participant Name David Nelson to 12 David Nelson?


If there is, it would be a snap to manually assign 12 David Nelson to Breakout Room 12.  If there's not, we're left with trying to Rename 100+ participants once the meeting starts and before the Breakout Room has to open.


Any possible help or alternative work-around ideas will be greatly appreciated.  As my grandma used to say, "There will be jewels in your crown when you get into Heaven".


P.S. Soon would be best ... we have less than 2 weeks to get this sorted.



P.P.S. In-meeting Polling or in-meeting self-renaming won't be a good option given the time constraints and the fact that many participants are likely to have vision or fine-motor control challenges.  They've already made their choices in a separate Survey Monkey poll sent out after they registered.