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Multiple Physical Rooms


So we have a situation where we have 3 spaces each with their own Zoom Room functionality.


But those 3 spaces can be combined together.  So we can have any of the below configurations.


3 individual rooms

2 rooms combined and 1 individual 

all 3 rooms combined


Obviously when we combine the rooms, the ideal is that one room becomes the "master" and now controls the physical elements of the separate rooms.  This would mean that the number of screens would change for example.


Is there a way to manage this sort of circumstance with Zoom Rooms?  So that we can now manage multiple screens for example.



Aaron, it's hard to give a suggestion with such limited hardware information, but you could use a matrix AV switcher controlled by Zoom "Room Controls". The switcher would have different modes depending on your use case. As an example, if all three rooms were combined, the "master" zoom PC's video and audio output would go to all three rooms' displays and amps. Likewise, the rooms' microphones (via DSP) would all be routed to the master Zoom PC. The other two PCs wouldn't participate in the meeting. If you have three rooms, each with dual video streams, you'd need at least a 6x6 switcher with bi-directional audio.