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Assign different host when scheduling a Zoom Room from Google Calendar


I have a church with 4 Zoom Rooms, each linked to a different Google Calendar. The office administrator has access to the calendars for all 4 rooms in her Google account. When she schedules a room on any of the calendars, it assigns her as the host. So, is she schedules 2 or more meetings in different rooms with overlapping times, the second meeting cannot start because the status shows that the host is busy in another meeting. I can sign into another Google account and add the second meeting, and this solves the problem. But I don't want to have to constantly flip between 4 Google accounts to manage the 4 rooms. In Google calendar, I see no way to change the host - the host is whatever Google account created the meeting. Surely there musty be a way to to manage all 4 rooms from 1 view without having to keep switching accounts to get around the "host is busy" issue. If anybody knows a solution to this issue, that would be so helpful.



In GoogleMail, aren't you able to assign yourself delegate or admin for multiple calendars?


If that is done, you should be able to use a drop down feature to schedule a meeting for that room, etc.