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After going to breakout room internet disconnects




I experience a strange thing. I need to participate every Sunday for several weeks to a class. During the class we are split several times in breakout rooms. 


What happens to me is, few seconds after I join the room, I get disconnected, not only from Zoom, but strangely my Internet turns off. It takes 2-4 minutes to reconnect. I am sure is from the breakout rooms, because we have high speed Internet, is working just fine the whole week, even if I have other meetings. 

I get disconnected the first 2 times exactly, but the 3rd time will work. It happened already twice  by the same scenario and I am frustrated as I lose the time and my partner time of practice in the breakroom. I think it may be some settings but no idea where to start.

Thanks for any help!



RebelCat, if you can repeat the action at will, it might be a good idea to ask your internet provider to have a technician watch your connection while you demonstrate the problem.