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Host when connection failes


Hello everyone,

In my last lecture, when the students were in the breakout rooms, my internet connection failed. When I logged in again, the host went to a student and I was alone in the main room, no longer able to manage or see the breakout rooms. I had to write an email to the attendee list and ask the host to close the breakout rooms and appoint me as co-host. Very uncomfortable.
What can I do in these cases? There is no way to get the host back.



Hi - I hope that you are Doing good !!


You have to take advantage of Co-Host feature
Consider designating one or more students as co-hosts
Co-host can manage breakout rooms, admit participants from the waiting room

Steps to assign a member as co-host
locate the "Participants" button
you will see a list of attendees.
Hover your cursor over the name of the participant you want to make a co-host


Hope this helps

Thank you very much and have a fantastic day!
Warm regards