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Zoom Phone Reporting


I am trying to give my managers (non-owner or admin users) access to Zoom Phone reporting.  I have purchased the Powerpack license and applied it to a non-admin user and they can still not see any reporting.  


How can I give non-admin users access to the most basic KPI's?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@JLRapp In order for them to have an access to the Call Queue Real time Analytics that Powerpack provides, they need to be an Admin. See the Prerequisites and link below.

However, if you just want them to receive reports like Call Logs, Usage Reports and Charge Reports, See the screenshot at the very bottom of this response.

Prerequisites for viewing the call queue real-time analytics

  • Zoom Phone license (any license that includes Zoom Phone Pro features)
  • Zoom Phone Power Pack add-on
  • Call queues set up with admins/members
  • Call queues contain call activity
  • Must be an admin to access the real-time analytics and historical reports for call queues and view KPIs for specific members
  • Call queue admin and member (can only view the real-time analytics and historical reports for the call queues they are a member of)


  • Call queue members can only view overall KPIs for their queue and KPIs for their own calls.
  • Users that don't meet the prerequisites will still see Reports or Analytics & Reports in the navigation menu, but will not be able to access the call queue analytics and historical dashboard.
  • The call queue real-time analytics dashboard is separate from the Reports page and the regular Zoom Phone Dashboard

Call Logs, Usage Reports and Charge Reports: You can Add recipient email address who should be receiving the reports. 

Phone System Management >Company Info >Account Settings ---Scroll down to the very bottom 

Subscribe to Zoom Phone Reports >Subscribe 



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This would be a great option to add to the roles. There are other types of roles that don't fit this need and it seems a waste to burn a power pack license to get to the reports.


I've since been able to add a custom role to allow my managers access to just the reports. They can also log agents in and out of queues, if needed.


I'm having a heck of a time figuring this out.  I've set up rolls and groups and added managers and users to those groups and rolls.  But I can't figure out how to give those managers access to the phone logs, just straight logs.  I only want the managers to be able to access their group, but it doesn't seem to work.  they can see meetings for their group, but not phone calls.  Am I missing something?.