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Zoom Phone Call Quality on iPhone App Connected to Wifi


Many of my users complain about call quality when talking on Zoom Phone using the Zoom app on WI-FI in our office.  I personally have not had this issue but I sit at a desk all day.  The users who are complaining are users who move around the office.


We have a Meraki Wi-Fi system with several access points around the office.  Given the fact that the users with the issue are moving around the office leads me to believe that the issue occurs when their iPhone is switching to different access points as they are moving around the office.


These users state that they only have the issue in the office,  If they work from home they have no issue.  I had one of the users turn WI-FI off for the day and use cellular data.  They did not experience the issue which to me confirms my suspicion that it's when their device switch APs.


Is this normal behavior or is there something we can configure to stop this from happening?