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Transferring a Zoom video call to a phone extension/telephone number




I was wondering if there was a way to currently transfer a Zoom Video call to a phone number. 


For instance, Zoom account holder is in a meeting with Client A. Client A needs to schedule a follow up appointment with the scheduling department who is only available via telephone. Instead of Zoom account holder hanging up with Client A and having them call, is there a way the Zoom account holder can "Transfer" Client A to a telephone line?



Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee


While there is no option for the meeting host to transfer a Zoom meeting participant to an internal extension or external phone number, other approach that can be considered for a seamless Zoom meeting user's experience.

1. The host can put Client A in the waiting Room, while inviting the scheduling department in the  Zoom meeting call via Zoom phone.

2. The host can then create a break-out room inviting both Client A and the scheduling department to collaborate securely and privately. 

3. The host can follow up with Client A before closing the meeting. 

I hope this helps.