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Thin OS listed as Linux instead of Windows on Zoom VDI app


This is going to be a pretty niche issue. So lately, users in my company have been having an issue where if they call some one or receive a call, they can hear the other person but the other person cant hear them, most likely the mic not connecting.


Our setup is using Wyse 5070 Thinclients to RDP into vms, each vm is specific to one user. The biggest problem with this issue is that its intermittent and cant be recreated, it just happens randomly so its hard to troubleshoot. And apparently after today, we found out its not creating any event logs even though when the issue occurs, if you try to open the sound settings on windows, the settings app freezes and then you get kicked out of your vm. I have posted the same problem on Dell forums and VMware forums and awaiting more solutions, BUT, in the dell forum, a user told me to update the thinclients BIOS, thinOS, microsoft AVD, and zoom AVD package. (which is what I assume is the plugin). After doing so, the issue occured for my coworker when I called him, he also had the updated thin client but he also had an update zoom app (I did not). upon looking into my settings I found that my plugin is disconnected because I update the plugin before the app. So I went ahead and updated the zoom vdi and the normal client apps.

Now one peculiar thing stood out for me is that when I go into the statistics tab in the settings (initially did this to find out if a spike in hardware usage was causing this, sadly not) I noticed under VDI that the Thin Client OS Version is listed as Linux, even though we are all using Windows 10. Now I dont know if this is relevant or if its causing the issue but its one thing I would like to remedy since I am on a trial and error knocking one possible solution off at a time till I get the correct result.

Any idea how to do this? Picture attached shows what I mean