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SSO Migration From Google to O365


We have a customer that just migrated all services from Google to Office 365. They are currently using Google as their SSO. What's the best least impactful way to convert them to SSO for O365? 




HI @kenoboy7 ,


This is a rather complex topic. In a nutshell you'll need to make sure there is parity between

the accounts, (i.e. all account that are in Google are represented in your 0365 instance).


Once you have account parity, here is a very general idea of what you'll need to consider.


Understand the various options around Office 365's "ImmutableID" attribute.

Have all O365 identity provider (IdP) information
Verify that Zoom is set as a SAML 2.0 service provider (SP)
Set up O365 as a SAML identity provider (IdP)
Verify that the SSO is working between O365 and Zoom
Consider / Setup auto-provisioning.


Once these things have been done, how and when you choose to

migrate will probably be dictated by your customer's needs/schedule.


I know this is VERY general, but as I mentioned before, this is a fairly

complex process.


Hope this gives you some insight as you consider your options.




Perhaps one of the other forums is a better place to ask as this one is focused on Zoom Phone.