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Reporting - Zoom Phone - Questions & Feedback


Good morning all!


I'm looking at scheduling specific reports (by department or site) to be sent out to different areas of our business to streamline reporting analysis - instead of Management spending minutes or hours (I'm not kidding...) trying to decipher excel to filter by their relevant staff.


I'm seeking to

1: Confirm the current automated scheduling options does not allow site-based or department reporting?

2: If there's another way to achieve this automated reporting?


For reporting through the web interface, I am required to create a new role within the "Phone" section of Roles to grant members access to this functionality. This works well for logs and I can be site-specific, allowing management to swiftly view their divisions only - great!


However, for aggregated call reporting, I need to create a custom role in "All". This does not allow for site-specific or department scope under the role, meaning Management will receive a complete Group overview from multiple business lines instead of their relevant area.

I am aware we can filter once inside the report by site-specific, but this means some management will need to generate multiple reports daily across multiple sites (viewing yesterdays calls) - not very user-friendly or streamlined.

Next, I realise there are "Groups" we can leverage to try and achieve this level of reporting, but trying to add a Group is time-consuming and will require constant upkeep as it requires manual user-specific entry and not dymanic (not even a csv upload option). I can see Groups having great power, but I feel it's not quite there yet if intended to be used in a scenario like this.


I would be greatly appreciative if anyone can suggest some workarounds or perhaps a better approach to solving my business case, if possible.


Otherwise, it would be fantastic to know and see the above features being improved to streamline the reporting.