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Participants in the waiting room, the host did not receive notification about it, other issuee




I tried to ask Zoom Support a question but apparently only paid users receive support so I am directing two questions below to Zoom community and hopefully someone will know the answer. I can try to help someone else next time, thanks !


Oct 12, 2023, 19:54 GMT+2


I hosted my first Zoom meeting today, earlier I was only joining Zoom meetings hosted by others. Unfortunately, it was at least a partially not-good experience for us. I am aware that partially it could have been related to the fact that I was the host for the first time and one of the users did not have experience with Zoom. But still, I would like to investigate the reasons for this because, at least partially, it seems that the cause was that Zoom is insufficient "user friendly". Firstly, I started the meeting earlier than planned to be able to help participants let in, even though I did not know how I would be notified that two participants were waiting. To make sure they do not wait, I checked the meeting settings and unchecked the option "give permission to participants to join meeting". However, they said they were still waiting in the waiting room and I also waited online in the meeting not knowing that they already arrived. Finally, one of the participants called me and told me that they needed to be admitted and, to my surprise, that there were apparently "two Zoom meetings scheduled instead of one". I immediately admitted both participants (even though they should have been able to join without me approving them) and, even though I was able to see and hear one of the participants, the second one could not be heard. Perhaps there was something wrong with his audio settings so we can leave it but my questions are :

1) Why I did not receive any notification (neither in Zoom nor by email) that participants are trying to join the meeting? If there is no notification, how should I know that participants are waiting in the waiting room?

2) Why there were apparently two different meetings scheduled even though I scheduled only one? I do not know if it may have impacted the situation, but I registered my Zoom account using one email address, but I used another email address as a participant. Also, I scheduled this meeting from the computer but started the meeting initially from my phone. However, at least by common sense, this should not make any difference.

Further, not being able to hear one participant (who I believe did not receive any prompts from Zoom to fix audio settings to join), we switched to WhatsApp, but this time the others were unable to hear my voice, even though before the conference one of the participants called me on WhatsApp and was able to hear me. Finally, as this meeting was important to all, we moved to Microsoft Teams.Interestingly, none of the participants had even the smallest issue and everyone joined teams and the whole meeting went almost uninterrupted. I supect the next time our team, if we meet again, will prefer Microsoft Teams over Zoom but I would like to still get some feedback on how we can improve our experience with Zoom, especially regarding the answers to two questions above.

Thank you!




I just posted a similar query. I wonder if this is a known issue.