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New Zoom Phone Countries


H! I was looking at eh Zoom Phone country listing page, Zoom Phone Global Coverage.

It is dated back to 6/1/21. I am curious if anyone has any updates on new countries since that date and if any new ones have been announced yet. I am particularly interested in China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordam, Oman, and Qatar. The 45+ countries is incredibly impressive but there are still over 100 to go so I am just curious of the path and timing,. Thanks for any direction or insights!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@JC8338 - As per my knowledge, the zoom phone global coverage is the right place to see availability (a total of 47 countries)..For roadmap, you can reach out zoom account team and they may be able to advise any near upcoming country info.. In mostly the rest of countries, you can leverage with the Zoom Phone BYOC ( bring your own carrier) option bring-your-own-carrier-byoc-flexibility-cloud-phone . Also, in the Zoomtopia event Zoom announced  Zoom Phone Provider Exchangecoming later this year (zoom-platform-enhancements-zoomtopia-2021 ) where global/regional providers will offer PSTN services in the zoom ecosystem. Provider Exchange streamlines the process of discovering PSTN provider partners in the Zoom ecosystem and further enables a self-service onboarding journey right in the Zoom Admin console.


I hope this helps!