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Feature Request - ZoomPhone Salesforce Integration - Ability to Drop Pre-Recorded Messages from SFDC


We are new Zoomphone users at Addigy. I have not yet personally tested, but I believe Zoomphone has a pre-recorded voicemail message capability where a sales rep / support agent can call a number, they encounter a voicemail box, and then they can just click a button to leave a pre-recorded voicemail (from within a selection of pre-recorded messages)

With that said, we want this functionality to be available from within the Salesforce integration where our reps and agents spend their time within one window (i.e. working from a laptop screen while on the road). Having to switch between windows to select the appropriate recorded voicemail is error-prone, time-intensive, and not an ideal user experience.

Ideally, a user could select which pre-recorded voicemail to use via the Salesforce CTI integration window within Salesforce and if a pre-recorded voicemail is used, then a designated "Voicemail" |Disposition| would be automatically logged to the relevant record in Salesforce.



I have formally submitted a feature request for this one (as Alexis suggested in another topic to use this form to do so: