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Audio and Mic stops working during in/outbound calls


I am hoping you guys can help me.

When i answer a zoom phone call, about 20 seconds into the call, the sound/mic will completely stop.

This happens with internal and external calls.

I have checked firewall settings, uninstalled/installed zoom and Jabra direct for my headset.

I have also tried USB and Bluetooth headsets.

Changed PCs. It has to be a zoom issues, but checking the call logs, the signal is not lost and all shows no problems.

Everything is all up to date.

All settings match on zoom and the pc settings. There is no pattern.

5 out of 6 calls will do this. Sometimes cut out at 20 seconds, other times I can be on the phone for 20 minutes and it will then cut out.

An error message pops up saying Microphone has stopped working properly.

I can then make another call straightaway while the error message is showing and it will work perfectly.

Again could be 20 seconds, could be 20 minutes before it stops working.




This is happening with my Zoom phone calls.

Can you please look into this ASAP!!


This is happening to me, too. I've tried restarting my computer and Zoom and checking updates. It has not resolved