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Audio Control.


I have a new Google Pixel 6.    I cannot locate the audio control button on the screen.  When I join a zoom meeting, I cannot hear the other person, but I can see them.  When I click on the "join audio" button, it takes me to a list of phone numbers to call.  It prompts me to enter my access code, and then tells me I have entered the wrong access code and hangs up the call.  Help.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Good day.  From within the Zoom client on your Android device, if you click on the Settings gear in the lower right corner and then select Meeting, you should have an Audio option that will allow you to select the type of audio.  If computer audio is not an option for the meeting, then it is likely that the meeting organizer has selected Telephone as the only option.


Hopefully this helps!