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weird connection issue


starting this morning (last week was OK) i can't connect to Zoom on Mac and iPhone

my account can connect Via Google on browser but not on the app

links on android are working. usually getting 5003 error but network is fine

(Tried 2 different Wifi connections and Over 5G)

Any idea?


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee


Error 5003 is mostly related to network issues ( firewall, DNS resolve etc). Considering you can join/sign-in fine over the browser/android using the same network (wifi/5G), it seems to specific to Mac/iPhone OS rather than your network.

If you are connecting via VPN, can you please check following setting in your Mac..

- Go to System Preference > Network

- Select the VPN connection you are connecting through & click "Advanced"

- Select "Options" & see if "Send all traffic over VPN connection" is ticked & if the issue gets resolved by unticking it (you'll need admin access to make these changes).


If your issue does not get resolved via above method, I would suggest raising a ticket with Zoom.