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speaker output not working on test on windows 11, new laptop


I have a new laptop, with windows 11. My first attempt at Zoom on this laptop and I can't get sound out of the speaker output test.  Input is ok, I can hear things my end ok. I have followed all the suggested moves on both chat line and on line you tube, but no luck. I have also had a chat line with Microsoft who found no problem with the laptop. I also have contacted the tech support of the laptop who found no problem with the laptop. The problem is with Zoom but I can't get to speak to someone to explain the problem. Does anyone have any idea of what else I can try? I have looked at results in the community here but no-one seems to have had any success, or suggestions that would help me with my problem. 

The strange thing is I can get the test sound by disabling access but then I can't get the input sound. 



i've got the same issue! have you been able to resolve this?


it seems it's just the Test doesn't work but when I had a meeting, the sound was fine, so it must be a bug.

Thank you, I will try next zoom meeting, but will have a second device handy just in case.


I'm having the same problem, but it seems to only happen with the speaker test in the Settings dialog. If I click New Meeting, then click Test Speaker and Microphone, that test works fine. It appears to be a bug in the Settings dialog.