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My video won't start in Zoom


All of a sudden my HP laptop camera is not turning on in a Zoom meeting. When I join the meeting it works to show myself, and when I go into video settings during the meeting I also see myself.  So camera is operating. However when I try to start the video it only gives me an error message that video won't start. This began days ago and repeated clicking on start video made it work, but today it won't budge. I've restarted laptop, deleted and reloaded zoom. Help! Need it.




I have the identical issue.  My laptop is also an HP.  Hope Zoom staff would say something.

Hi Aidrey3, I think I may have resolved my problem. I might have inadvertently left the camera on the HP open when opening Zoom. If I close  the HP camera before clicking on Zoom to open it, video does start in Zoom when I click to "unmute" it. Hope this helps.