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schedule zoom meeting from inside outlook web app


Can meetings be scheduled from inside of outlook web app?  I don't see any options.

If I sign into Zoom and schedule a meeting  while owa is open , the invite email pops up...I click send, but it never sends.

Is this a known issue? Ive looked online and see where it is supposed to work.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



In order to schedule Zoom meetings from within OWA, you would need to have the Zoom Addin Installed. Please see the following link for information on how to accomplish this: Installing-the-Zoom-for-Outlook-add-in 


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@igornis the zoom add in for OWA ONLY available for Exchange 365 instances or is there a way to install it for third party hosted exchange users? Our hosted vendor is open to installing it on our instance, but the default way through the app store seems to be tied to Office 365.