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Hello! I organise a big conference for 100 users, when scheduling, I disabled the passcode. I put the active link to the closed Facebook group. The idea was that users just join the conference by clicking the link but some users reported that passcode is required. Some tried from the laptop, some -from smartphones. What might be an issue and how to solve it? Many thanks!


Community Champion



What type of license do you have?  By default, all meetings are required to have either a passcode or a waiting room since last September unless you have an enterprise license.  If you do have an enterprise license, your admin may have still required passcodes.

Could you tell more about the last line? What does it mean? Which admins do you refer to?

Community Champion

@LenaDidyk if you are using a business account, there are 1 or more people who manage the Zoom account, typically in the IT group.