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"Save Chat" in Android yet?


Hi Forum Folke,


Does anybody know if the "save chat" feature has been implemented in Android Zoom yet?  I have a LOT of people who attend meetings via phone, and I often post links in the chat area.  You know how easy it is to botch copying down a link, and complicated 'workarounds' can be difficult to explain (and detract from the purpose of the meeting);  it'd be SO much easier to just save chat to view later as is already possible with the PC & Mac desktop versions of Zoom.  Thanks for your answers!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @kharrisma 


Unfortunately, this is still not available on the Zoom mobile apps. 


If you would like to submit any product feedback, I encourage you to visit our Zoom Feedback form, which is the official way to share any feedback or feature requests with the Zoom team. Thanks!