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no option to claim host


Hi, I'm trying to claim host, and have read all the documentation, but the claim host button does not appear on my screen. Anyone else encountered this?


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You can only "claim host" in a meeting that you were the original host of.

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Community Champion | Customer

True - unless the Host has given you their Host Key (which maybe they shouldn't do - but it does happen).


From the Zoom client, you do need to be able to join the Meeting first as Participant though - then you can Claim Host.


Hi yes I am finding this as well but no one seems to be able to tell me why the option is no longer appearing. I think the person trying to claim the host has to have a certain type of zoom licence to be able to do this



Has anyone found a fix for this?  We're experiencign the same issue.  We used to have the "Claim host" button but now it's disappeared.

I think Zoom is quietly removing functionality, in this case it is "claim host".  


I just lost connection of a meeting I was the host via "claim host".  When I logged back in, I could not reestablish my host rights, as there was no "claim host" anymore.


I found the answer!

Zoom has moved the location of the "claim host" button. The new way that claiming host works will allow you to record even if you are not the first person to join the meeting. Here is how it works:

Any remote user logs in first. (He will see the button to "claim host" at the bottom of the chat window, but does not select it).
Others also log in.
Then you log in at the meeting.
You will also see the button to "claim host" at the bottom of the chat window.
Click this button.
Then enter your passcode.
Then you have claimed host.
Then you can start the recording.

Sorry I tried this and don't see anything at the bottom of the chat window to claim host.




I have found it comes up when I click on participants and the option is then at the bottom of the list of participants. 

This great!


Same with me... I dont know why "claim host" button now dissapear.