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new survey area


I have 2 questions about the new survey area. When I create a poll, the poll is immediately activated for all meetings. For example, if I have 10 meetings with 7 polls each, I may have 70 polls as templates.
I then immediately have these 70 polls in a meeting in which I only want to use one poll or none at all. And I have to constantly go through all the meetings I have created and switch off any unnecessary polls using the filter. That's very annoying.
How can I set it so that I can only switch on the polls created in other meetings when I need them?
How can I switch off the fact that created surveys are not available as templates for other meetings?

Can you help me?



I hope you understand me. In the German translation it is called Survey, in the English interface apparently polls.
I mean the polls that I want to call up during the meeting. 🙂