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microphone stopped working




I have been using zoom just fine all month but over last few times the mic no longer recognizes my voice. When I test it out the input levels do not react. I have this problem only on zoom as my microphone works on my computer just fine. I am on a Windows 10 device and have zoom client 5.8. I have made sure my computer has microphone permission to zoom.



I am also facing this issue from Oct 1st 2021. Till then I had no issues with zoom.  I cannot hear participants nor they can hear me. I tried testing the mic and speaker but it does not work. I tried different troubleshooting options, I uninstalled and reinstalled zoom, but still same issue. Issue is only with zoom and audio works fine for other apps in windows 10, 64 bit. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@rowanlaura @Nirupama 


Try adjusting your Signal processing type in Zoom > Settings > Audio > Advanced button > Signal processing.


Try the different options there.


See if that helps.




I tried changing Signal processing and whenever I change the option and test speaker, I just hear a beep with very poor sound quality and cannot hear anything after that


I believe something happened when the latest update to Zoom Client was installed.  None of the suggested fixes work, and uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom Client does not work because it installs the latest version.  I believe someone at Zoom needs to look at the last update and find out what went wrong.