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iPad Projecting and Recording Issue


I use iPad for annotation purposes which allows me to connect to the projector by mirroring the screen. However, when I try to do screen recording at the same time, it won't let me. My iPad is higher than IOS 11.1 and Zoom is 5.9.3.  


Please help!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @jkennedy1965 I believe this is intended. Screen mirroring on iOS devices is basically the same functionality as 'sharing screen' to annotate within a Zoom meeting, but there is a limitation to using both. Suggest if you have a second device that isn't an iPad (tablet), you could connect to the meeting and airplay from your device if the second device is an iPhone or Mac. I'm sure there are workarounds with Windows or other devices for screen mirroring to an AppleTV or other airplay devices in similarity. 


Air playing


Air playing to my apple TV from my iPhone and trying to share screen from the same device


Hope this helps! 


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