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help i cant use a mixer with microfhone and musica at same time


So I'm trying to connect my mixer to the computer through a USB cable and then through my mixer I would like to use the microphone and to put some low music, i have tried sharing sound or through the mixer,   but I don't know why in both ways, the voice of the microphone and the sound of the music they compete each other in the zoom so the boys disappear for periods of time, loke muted.  so I want to understand why in how can I solve this problem thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

hi @carlosrc ,
You can only use one sound source, but you can also share your system sounds.
So you could use that to share the music that way.  The option is part of screen share - advanced.

all the best


thankyou for the answer but, no its not working that way i dont know why but if i put music and voice compete and the voice got interrupt for moments. is a thing that has heppen for many years, so thats why im trying to solve it. 


don you know another option??