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access a recorded session?


I joined a zoom meeting with someone who gave me an access code. She recorded it. How do I get access to this?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

The host that invited you to the meeting would need to give you access to the recording. They alone have access to it and can share it with you. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jvsaints 


If you were given a code specifically for the Recording, you will also need the URL (the link) from the Host.


If you only have the Passcode from attending the Meeting itself, that does not give you access to the recording.


I have the url and pass code but the same message comes up ' you cannot view this recording. No permission' . the host confirms all restrictions lifted. Five recipients have the same problem

There is nowhere on the zoom app to enter the pass code



My host sent me the recording link and I get "You cannot view this recording - no permission"


I also get the same issue. Did you find the solution by any chance? Thanks


I recorded and saved a meeting yesterday. Today, I couldn't open the recording; a message appeared saying I had to use a previous password to access the recording. I tried to reset my password twice. Each time, I still couldn't access my recording. Now I have an account with a reset password and no way of accessing my recorded session. Help!