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Zoom will not unmute my Blue Yeti mic


Yesterday I conducted several Zoom meetings with groups just fine. Today, I tried to record a screenshare only video, and Zoom will not allow me to unmute my Blue Yeti mic. It shows the mic in the list, the mic is selected, but when I test it I receive a message saying my mic is not working, and I should check it.


I am using the Zoom desktop client on Windows 10 Business with Firefox (latest version).


Absolutely nothing about my setup has changed since yesterday. No Windows updates installed or anything like that. Here is what I have done to troubleshoot so far:


  1. Rebooted my PC
  2. Unplugged and replugged my mic
  3. Made sure the mic/headset were selected as the input/output devices in Windows
  4. Made sure under Windows Privacy settings that the Zoom app has access to the mic
  5. Tested the situation with the MS Edge browser (same problem)
  6. Tested recording with other mics, which worked fine (specifically the Logitech webcam mic and the PC's built-in mic)


What else should I be trying? This is a real issue for me, as I do a lot of group coaching and record podcasts, etc., using Zoom and my Blue Yeti, so I really need to get this mic working.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.



Welp, this morning the mic and Zoom are playing nicely together, so I have to think this was an issue from Zoom's end.




Well, my Blue Yeti Nano stopped working. I see it on the list of microphones I cant select but when I select, it does not hear my voice. I am also using Windows desktop. Please help. I do a LOT zoom meetings AND I also do podcasts.