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Zoom v5.16.2 (22807) (latest) Makes Fast Computer Extremely Slow.


I've used Zoom to present a lot over the years, but haven't used it for 6+ months.  I have a very powerful computer (64 bit Asus, 64 GB RAM, 16 CPUs etc.) with Windows 11 (with all the latest updates). 


I upgraded to the latest zoom release before presenting and my computer starts to crawl, everything was very slow. 


After a reboot I noticed it happened again when I was loading Zoom and existing it, and also when in a meeting (it was almost impossible to end the meeting).



Same here, running Version: 5.16.2 (22807) on Windows, scrolling messages takes ages, UI freezes. Very strange. I did not have that 2 weeks ago. My internet connection is working great.


I'm having the same problem since more than a week ago. The issue is, the app isn't generating a spike in GPU or CPU, and: I kill most applications to diagnose, and have tried switching to a different GPU and disabling all hardware acceleration options. I'm really unsure which part of Zoom is causing it to lag.

Downgrading it all the way to the September's didn't solve the problem. It might have something to do with video-related API it's accessing as the issue can be triggered without being in a call but by navigating to the Video section in Settings.