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Zoom supported business projector


Hi. I teach small yoga classes on Zoom. I'm thinking to project my Zoom class Gallery View on my wall, so that I can see each student more clearly. 

Could someone please advise what kind of projector can work well with Zoom in a lighted room?

My confusion and problems choosing a right projector are...


1. I use MS surface laptop which has only 1x USB3.0,  1x mini display port. So preferably wireless connection is better, or else I may have to use a USB port hub?


2. Some wireless projector only supports Chrom base contents, and not Zoom?


3. My yoga room is bright, so that my students can see me.  How much lm of brightness do I need? 3000 lm shall be enough?


4. Basically I use Windows based laptop, sometimes I may use Android device. Are they compatible? 


Based upon above, if you could recommend any particular model of projectors are also appreciated. 

Please advise. 



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @KazumiF, I know it has been a while since you initially posted, and I apologize for just now seeing your post! I definitely want to make sure you receive assistance. Please let me know if you still need some advice on the projector 🙂



Zoom Community Team


Hi, may I ask which projector you ended up with? Am also teaching online and looking for a suitable projector. I am using mostly my iPhone as it has a suberb camera though van also use a laptop with good external camera.