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Zoom schedule meeting settings


What has happened to using personal meeting ID on the Zoom client? I can still use this when setting a single meeting from the Web version but it is no longer present on the client version. You also don't appear to be able to use personal meeting id for recurring meetings on the web version - annoying!

Also the new date format of setting start & end time is annoying, that was changed before, then changed back to the original start time and duration and now seems to have changed again to setting start & end time



I'm having the same exact problem.  I've got a meeting in an hour and have been using the same personal meeting ID and password, and the option is gone.  Whatever changed is not an improvement and I don't know how to fi


I'm having a similar problem. It won't let me schedule a meeting.  The screen I have used for a decade for scheduling meetings has been changed.  It makes it impossible to add a participant, link to Google Calendar, or inform participants.  This is a big problem.  I can't understand why Zoom has made this change.



I agree. It was working and then not working.  Teams is looking better every minute.

does anyone know how to fix this?



Is this part of their latest update? Now when I try to schedule a meeting it supposes I want one on the spot. And when – after five times – I finally get it to set a meeting on the correct date, it won't let me determine end time. I'm astounded that Zoom would change an interface that was perfectly fine to something that is now extremely problematic. It shows a complete lack of regard and respect for their customer base. I want to revert back to when it was working without issue. 

I hope Zoom folks are listening to this.  They are going to lose a lot of folks to other platforms if they don't fix this problem.  I found a way to download an old version of Zoom, so I can use that, at least temporarily, to schedule meetings, but it's a real hassle and it's how I earn my living.  I will find another platform if this goes on much longer.


If you find another platform, please post in hopes of a mass exodus. I can't believe a company that has so much money could 1.) create a problem when there was none and 2.) be so inept at customer service that they don't even acknowledge their customer's problems with their platform. I emailed the CEO at *********** . Maybe if he gets enough emails, they'll actually respond to the problem.