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Zoom meeting keeps asking approved attendees to register when they try to join


Does anyone know how to resolve this issue if you've also encountered it? 


Every time I set up a meeting that requires registration (even if attendees get automatically approved) I always have several people who registered but are unable to join the meeting, and are either asked to register again, or cannot join at all because the meeting registration is full. It's very challenging to navigate this when I'm hosting a meeting and getting flooded with emails of people unable to join, and I don't know how to advise them. 


Thank you in advance for any advice!



Do you have Basic or Advanced? I'd like to require registration, as you described it. 




yesterday I was having a zoom meeting with my client about my business It's very challenging for me to navigate when I was hosting zoom meeting my clients, and it asks again and again to join. My clients was much angry with this.


Please let us know what was issue and how I can make my future meetings with my clients?



I means what is this, is this a professionals way to have such 


It sounds like there are two issues going on here: approved attendees being asked to register and the meeting being full. For the first issue it's likely they are clicking on the wrong link (this is very easy to do). We use to ensure everyone is joining using the correct link and avoid this scenario. For the second issue each Zoom plan has a capacity of participants and you may have exceeded the number of participants allowed by your plan.