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Zoom in Linux


Hi Forum Folke,


I have a minor but annoying issue; I can't move participant windows at all.  Wherever they pop up, that's where they are for the duration of the meeting (except for when they randomly rearrange themselves for no reason I can determine.)


I could do this easily enough in Windows (and in the account I owned), but now I'm running Linux (no more Windows for me...), and the account is owned by a board of directors and members can access it.  I run a meeting so I have some higher-level controls that normal participants do not have, but for some reason moving windows around seems to be off the table.  It's not my video hardware, because it's the same stuff I was using in Windows... unless it's a driver issue, but I've no problems elsewhere with the display.


I'm running a generic Dell Inspiron 17" laptop, and the most recent version of Zoom (whatever that is at the moment.)  The OS is Linux Mint 21.1 (Vera.)  All system files and drivers are up-to-date (according to Administration and Driver Manager.)


I did try opening up "Settings" while logged into the account, and found a setting that was for moving windows, and it *was* off, so I turned it on, logged out of the account, logged back in... and still can't move windows.


Really not sure where to go next... any suggestions would be appreciated!