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Zoom hangs and becomes unresponsive when joining meetings


Hi, I have a user with such a problem that Zoom will hang or take very long to respond when joining a meeting. Is there any settings I could change or try?



On Windows 10 64 bit and Zoom 64 bit client

Hi @REA_admin 


Is the Zoom client on the latest version (5.8.3)?


Does it make a difference how many participants there are?


What is the hardware specification of the computer?


Hello, we are on 5.8.3 x64 and encountering the same issue as REA_admin. Downgrading to 5.8.1 x64 resolved the issue. Is this a known issue with the 5.8.3 x64 Windows client?

Where do you get the older version?

You can download them by modifying these URLs

Mac:[insert version number]/ZoomInstaller.pkg
Win:[insert version number]/ZoomInstaller.exe
Zoom Room Win:[insert version number]/ZoomRooms.exe
Zoom Room Mac:[insert version number]/ZoomRooms.pkg
Outlook Plugin Mac:[insert version number]/ZoomMacOutlookPlugin.pkg
Outlook plugin Win:[insert version number]/ZoomOutlookPluginSetup.msi
Linux:[insert version number]/zoom_x86_64.rpm[insert version number]/zoom_amd64.deb[insert version number]/zoom_openSUSE_x86_64.rpm[insert version number]/zoom_x86_64.pkg.tar.xz[insert version number]/zoom_x86_64.tar.xz

Dell Latitude 5410 - i7, 32 GB, 512GB

Sorry forget to add yes it's the latest 5.8.3 only happens when having meetings with external parties don't matter the amount of participants.