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Zoom.exe keeps downloading


Hello All.

 I have the paid version of Zoom and I'm using Firefox in Windows 11 Home.


 Everytime I start a meeting, the Zoom...exe wants to download. Zoom client is already installe!

How do I stop this to happen?

Also, lately not only the Zoom...exe keeps wanting to download, Zoom client launches and it takes for ever to actually start the meeting. The other day it even messed up the webcam, as I was not able to have a meeting at all and had to switch to Skype.

Any ideas?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @RNelladC 

Try to uninstall and reinstall your Zoom desktop client next following steps:

  1. Run CleanZoom to uninstall Zoom completely.
    Note: Use of the clean uninstaller will completely remove the Zoom client, as well as the Zoom plugin for Outlook. The Outlook add-in, Chrome/Firefox extensions, and GSuite add-on are unaffected.

  2. In the download center, download and install the 64-bit Zoom client for meetings.


It seems that it has done the trick. Thank you!

But I still see the 'to download Zoom.exe..' on the top right had side. I guess I'm going to ignore it.

If I uninstall  and reinstall zoom will I lose all my scheduled meetings?