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Zoom crashes every time I turn my Video On


Hi Team,


I have version 5.13.7 on my windows 10 Dell laptop.

Everytime I have my video on, my zoom freezes and then I lose network connection. I work from home. After about 20 seconds it reconnects however I still cannot have my video on. If I have my video on, it crashes within 2 minutes.


Similarly, if I share my screen whether having my video on or off, my zoom will crash within 1 minute.


My I.T team have uninstalled and re-installed zoom and I still encounter issues. I was told version 5.10 is much stable however it only lasts a bit longer but I still encounter the same issues.


I am currently hardwired to the Modem. I have tried Wi-Fi and hotspottting from my phone


Please help!  


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @EddyD ! Are you still having this issue when you're screen-sharing? If so, I would recommend checking out this article from our Zoom knowledge base that was recently updated: 


Let me know if that helps!

Hi Bri

This has not worked. My zoom crashes as soon as my video turns on. Or

If I have my video off and I share a screen, my zoom crashes.