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Zoom Reoccurring meeting disappearing


Good afternoon

We have 5 pro licenses and have been using Zoom for almost five years now, but we have recently had major issues with meetings in the last month or so.


  • The meeting was deleted by Zoom for no apparent reason (it disappeared from my online Zoom portal)
  • Reoccurring meetings show up in the calendar before we have saved them.
  • Changing the dates/times of a recurring meeting in a series does not update the calendar meetings.


This now causing major issues with our calendar planning and cancelling meeting for no apparent reason. I have no one to speak with and no idea why this is happening all of a sudden.


PS: We use the online portal for booking our meetings.


What can I do?




The same thing happened to me. Despite using only 20% of my Zoom-purchased memory, Zoom keeps deleting my most valuable meeting recordings without my knowledge.