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Zoom Recording Not ready after 2 days!




Two days ago, I had a meeting that was about 1.5 hours long and I recorded  to the cloud. Usually, my recordings are ready within an  hour. So far, after 2 days, Zoom says it is still processing. 


I am hoping it will still be available, but I am getting concerned that it didn't record for some reason.  Is there any way to get help and find out what is going on,  or has anyone  had this type of delay with a recording before? 


Thank you,



Community Champion

If the recording is listed in your recordings, it did record. Processing just takes time and can be delayed when there are many other large recordings ahead of yours. 

Thank you! I hope it's okay - I've just never seen it take so long. 




Sounds like something might be wrong. I've done two cloud recordings today and both processed within 60 to 90 minutes of the end of the events.

Community Champion

@Tom even though your recordings were able to process in a reasonable timespan today, it doesn't mean that the server that others' recordings were sent to for processing is not experiencing delays or longer processing queues. 

Two days seems a bit long though. Does it matter if you are on an Enterprise account or not?

Thank  you for the response. I'm  wondering if the delay has anything to do with the fact that, apparently, Facebook stopped working and maybe people who do lives there had to use Zoom too.  Hoping the recording works, though!