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Zoom Meetings and Logitech Spotlight presenter


I am having issues using my Logitech Presenter clicker on Zoom meetings.


I have a Macbook pro and have absolutely no issues with it when I run presentations with Microsoft Powerpoint offline.

I have even had an adjacent second computer login to a created Zoom meeting I create, and have had no issues when sharing the powerpoint presentation to the meeting.


My problems exist when I am in an actual Zoom meeting with others, and my logitech presenter repeatedly fails to work during Zoom calls. When sharing my screen and pressing a clicker button I hear a soft sounding noise and the clicker fails to work, resulting in me having to present with the keyboard.


Is there something I am not doing in Zoom to correctly active my clicker when on a Zoom call? Is there a more reliable presenting clicker recommended by Zoom?




I have the same issue. When I'm online (not even sharing slides) the forward and back buttons on my presenter (Logitech R400) stop working. The black screen button, laser and presenter mode buttons continue to work as normal. 


As soon as I get out of the zoom call all buttons work fine on PPT.


Appreciate if there's a fix for this. Thank you


Me ocurre exactamente lo mismo. Mi logitech (y me tuve que comprar otro) funciona perfectamente si no estoy en zoom. Tan pronto entro y comparto pantalla, deja de funcionar el avance o retroceso de la presentación. Antes si me funcionaba, no se si es alguna actualización o algo, no le encuentro sentido, porque el ratón si me funciona. No encuentro por ningún lado nadie que de respuesta a ésta incidencia muy limitante en mis presentaciones